Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Paraben preserved products- Should we be concerned?

I have been reading up on parabens and its suspected link to cancer.  I am concerned about having it in our cosmetic.  So far we have avoided it in our products.  But after reading more,  I realised that it is more industry noise to create differentiating products for their own companies.  It can even be used to protect a national market from overseas manufacturers, much like the ISO certification giving European companies a 5 year lead when it was introduced....talk about a trade barrier.  There are a lot of people against parabens but none can provide scientifically proven information to state that there is indeed a link to cancer from the use of paraben in cosmetic.
Anyway, I have attached an article from the FDA for your reading pleasure.  Seems like I do not have to worry too much.  Parabens are safe! Check it out at  ( The official USA Cosmetic Information Organisation )

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